Commission for Fritz!

!!! I love it so much oh my gosh thank you!  I already replied on email but I appreciate all the cool pointy shapes ahh <33  The colours and their expressions are SO PERFECT YES what a gross beautiful flirty face

(aside: Iaughing at how Percy’s hair seems to grow longer every time I or someone else draws him)

You forgot your change !

Hi! So if you’re the person who went to Atomic Lollipop with long black hair in a braid and a black dress, who bought a mini print from me that said “Paint the town red!” please let me know. I think you gave me ten dollars but I didn’t get to give you your change! If you read this, send me your paypal address with a pic of the print & I’ll give you the $.

EDIT: Yay person responded!  Hip-hip-hoorah!

匿名 asked:
do you know how good sheridans illustration program is? were kinda in the same area and ive been scoping out colleges i have my eye on seneca but im too broke to commit to anything so im trying to keep my options open

It’s… okay…. I don’t really have close friends in that program, but I’ve seen some really nice technical illustration come out of it.  I never really looked into it for myself but if you had the option I would choose Sheridan anyway, just for the facilities/network?  I think you guys also get a cintiq lab but I’m not sure where/when.  Sorry I can’t help you more :^(

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venice in 67, stealing cupcakes
He is not stealing so much as “having stolen” a cupcake from one of Vanes’ impromptu baking triathlons.  Perhaps not a single cupcake, either, so much as “Well, the idiot probably won’t notice a few trays missing…”