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    for those of you looking into colleges!
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    very useful information, guys!
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    yes good thank you
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    if any of y’all are interested in animation at sheridan, this is the place to be :Y
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    please check it out if you have any questions regarding sheridan animation, portfolios and what not!!! we’ll be happy to...
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    reblogging my art blog in case any of you are interested!!!
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    I don’t know nothing about no animation, but the name and look on the blog has made me laugh, which is all I want from a...
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    you guys should check this out! a lot of you ask me questions about sheridan so this might be helpful to you!
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    this is a thing I am helping run !!!
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    Yes, this is a thing that exists! Direct ye curious souls to this place.
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    hey look over here canadians and other people who also want to try to go here we’re cool
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